2014 Member Awards

At the end of each year we honor our Cooper Fitness Center Dallas members who strive to live according to the mission of personal wellness. We are thrilled to announce this year’s winners. All of our winners were nominated by fellow Cooper Fitness Center members as well as Cooper teammates. These individuals not only lead […]

Host a Stress-Free Holiday Party

With the holiday season comes the joy of entertaining and the stress of planning the perfect holiday party. Cooper Hotel Event Manager Savannah Reppart offers useful advice on how to throw a stress-free party this year. Be of good cheer. Avoid financial woes and stress this year by developing a budget. Set a specific dollar amount […]

Olympian Cooperized Boxer Takes on Vegas Fight

I’m sitting in the marketing office brainstorming ideas for our holiday social media videos for when an idea comes to mind. Next thing I know, we’re heading over to Cooper Fitness Center because Boxing Pro Derrick James just happens to be training 2012 Olympian Errol Spence Jr. for a Dec. 13 fight at MGM Grand […]

Preparing for Pampering

If it’s your first spa treatment or not, it’s always a good reminder to prepare your body before receiving a spa treatment. To get the most value out of your service and to help manage your stress during the busy holiday season, Cooper Spa shares pre-massage tips with you! Use the sauna or steam room prior […]

What Should I Eat for Diabetes?

November is National Diabetes Month. Twenty-nine million Americans have diabetes and one in four of those people don’t know they have it. Another 86 million adults have prediabetes, more than one in three Americans and nine out of ten of those people are not aware they have it. Of those with prediabetes, 30-50% will go […]

Trying to lose weight? Let’s talk salad dressing.

Quick! Raise your hand if you know someone whose strategy for losing weight is to eat a salad for lunch every day. If you’re like me, you probably know multiple people who have decided to conquer their ever tightening pants by eating an entrée-sized salad each day for lunch. Sadly, for a lot of those […]

NEW Vitamin D-3 Drops and Vitamin D-3 Softgels

This Fall Cooper Complete® Nutritional Supplements has given our Vitamin D consumers an extra dose of attention. Cooper Complete Vitamin D-3, our vitamin supplement, has changed forms from an orange colored tablet to a softgel. If you’ve been taking Vitamin D-3 in tablet form, the item number (and SKU) remain the same. Why the change? The softgel […]

What’s Hot in the Frozen Food Aisle?

When you walk through the frozen food aisle of the grocery store you will find more and more choices for frozen meals. Back in 1954 Swanson introduced these meals as a convenience and their popularity has certainly grown since. Frozen meals can be a quick go-to and as a registered dietitian, I sometimes eat them […]

Taco Soup, Our All-Time Favorite Recipe

So have you heard that October 4 is National Taco Day? According to the National Taco Day people, last year we ate more than 4.5 billion tacos. While taco is essentially the synonym for a sandwich in a tortilla, I want to take this one step further and talk about a sandwich in a bowl, […]

Fitness Trends

One of the things I enjoy most about working at Cooper is the opportunity to keep learning! To that end, I try to attend as many lectures and presentations as possible, with the idea that it broadens my base of health and wellness information, and stretches my mind to learn and think about new and […]

Cooper Offers a New Way of Doing Wellness

Cooper Wellness Strategies (formerly Cooper Consulting Partners), announces a new name to align with the launch of its expanded suite of wellness offerings for employers, insurers, providers and individuals. Read the full press release here. Earlier this week, the teammates (employees) of Cooper Wellness Strategies invited teammates from the Cooper Aerobics campus to share the […]

Hoop it Up at Cooper Fitness Center

Led by Basketball Pro Coleman Crawford, Fall Basketball Academy will give your kids and teens an extra “edge” the rest of the team won’t have! With 30+ years of coaching experience, Coach Crawford has the proven ability to bring out the best in young players. Most recently, Coach Crawford returned from Hong Kong to visit […]

Go Oats!

Oatmeal is a favorite breakfast staple in my home and as a registered dietitian I recommend it to my patients on a regular basis. Not only does this great grain provide soluble fiber to lower cholesterol, it has also been found to reduce post-meal hunger for up to four hours! That’s great news for those […]

Carla Sottovia Named IDEA Fit’s Program Director of the Year

Cooper Fitness Center’s Carla Sottovia, PhD, was recognized as IDEA Fit’s Program Director of the Year! Carla is the CooperPT Mentorship Director and Cooper Fitness Center Director of Fitness and Personal Training Education along with Senior Professional Fitness Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Wellness Coach. To say that she is busy is an understatement and with […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Diane Proud

In honor and memory of Diane Proud, former Cooper Fitness Center Running Pro, Matt Mosley, ESPN Radio Host and CFC Member, called on Dr. Tyler Cooper and our Boxing Pro Derrick James for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch Matt’s video here. To honor Diane’s spirit for life and all others affected by this disease, […]

A Week With Cooper Wellness

Walking around the Cooper Aerobics campus in Dallas, you never know who you will cross paths with. After seeing a few groups come in to attend the five-day wellness week hosted by Cooper Wellness, I decided to call my teammate (fellow employee) Susan Thompson, who is the Wellness Director at National Instruments through Cooper Consulting […]

Cooper Complete Introduces New Product: MVP


Todd Whitthorne, President and CEO of Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements, shares information on Cooper Complete MVP (Maximum Vision and Performance) which is scientifically proven to enhance vision and competitive performance for athletes of all ages and levels.

Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements are available for purchase at The Coop retail store. For more information click here or call 888.393.2221.

Supplement Misconceptions

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements (at the National Institutes of Health), the majority of adults in the United States take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. Today, we’d like to explore common vitamin misconceptions.

Misconception: “Vitamins are an insurance policy for a poor diet.”

Reality: There is too much that is yet to be discovered about the effects of a poor diet, but so...

New Research on Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease


Todd Whitthorne, President and CEO of Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements, shares details about a new study out of Oxford, England showing that supplementation of the B vitamins could reduce brain shrinkage, thereby slowing cognitive decline.

For more information about Cooper Complete Nutritional Supplements, click here or call 888.393.2221.

Calcium: How Much Do You Need?

Calcium is a mineral that is important for your health and in particular, your bones. Research indicates long-term, daily calcium intake is required to best promote bone health.

No matter what your age, it is never too late to invest in your bone health. Your bones are like a bank account; the more calcium you deposit when you are young (under age 30), the more you have to draw from later.

Sources of Calcium Try to get as much calcium as you can through food....